Software + Reports

TVR Software and Reports

TVR Software follows the activities from application to closure. We are making it easy to manage workloads and verify progress. Resulting in actuate RSA reporting and ongoing verification of data.

TVR Software Box

TVR Software for AIVRS

The TVR Software, along with our customer and help desk support, assists the needs of counselors, admins, and directors.

  • Keep track of all your consumer cases with complete case recordsets.
  • Grow your AIVRS program, stay on track, and achieve program goals.
  • Easy one run reporting for AIVRS Annual report.
  • Complete Report with all the information you need for RSA.
  • Know where the AIVRS program stands with Real-Time progress.
  • Attach client photos and documents to the case file.
  • Custom Controls Adaptable color and magnification for each user.
  • Real-Time Performance statistics graph on the main page.

Client Physical Reports

The AIVRS program requires VRs to maintain a physical file for each of its clients, these reports were created.

  • Application, Expenses
  • IPE, IPE History, IPE Short
  • Notes, Wage
  • Budget
  • Progress
  • History, Post Employment
TVR Operational Reports

Operational Reports

Use these reports to manage the workflow of the VR and Data entry for easier RSA Reporting at the end of the year.

  • History Graph
  • Progress Graph 
  • AIVRS Graph (V3)
  • Long Contact Graph
  • Cohort Analysis Graph
  • Tracks client/consumer actions over five years
TVR Summary

6 Summary Reports

Use these reports for a deeper look at Operations and AVIRS Annual, Service Delivery and Progress.

  • Operations Report
  • AIVRS Annual
  • Services Delivered Summary
  • Progress Stage Summary
  • Expense Summary
  • AIVRS Cost/Comparison
TVR Report Builder

Report Builder

Use these report builders to discover details about your client base data.

  • Tribe Distribution
  • Mailing List
  • Community Distribution, Gender, Tribe Community
  • Primary Disability Type, Primary Disability Cause
  • Gender by Disability Type, Disability Cause
  • Many More Combinations
Dashboard Reports

Dashboard Reports

These reports are used for VR and Tribal information, Internal grouping of Reports, and Graphs

  • Progress Status, Active FY progress Stages
  • IPE Status
  • Disability Status, IPE Service Status
  • KPI Consumer Count, KPI -Apps/IPE Counts
  • Active Clients, History Stats
  • My Client’s Last Contact

Next Steps...

Our dedicated team is excited to support VR programs. Our TVR Software, Certified training, Outreach Marketing program along with IT Management. We have you covered.